Mini Split AC Installation In San Diego, CA

Mini Split AC Installation in San Diego, CA, And Surrounding Areas

As temperatures rise, having a reliable cooling system becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. That’s where Progressive Heating & Air comes in. We provide top-notch Mini Split AC installation services in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our team of certified and experienced technicians is committed to providing you with the best HVAC services to ensure you stay comfortable all year round. Contact us today to learn more about our mini-split AC services and schedule your consultation.

What are Mini Split Air Conditioners?

A Mini Split AC is a compact and flexible cooling and heating system that offers targeted comfort in specific areas of your home or office. Unlike traditional central air conditioning systems, Mini Split AC units do not require ductwork to distribute air. They consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor, connected by a small conduit that runs through a small hole in the wall. Mini Split AC units are perfect for spaces that do not have pre-existing ductwork, such as basements, attics, and add-ons.

Benefits of Installing a Mini Split AC Unit


Now that we know what mini-split ACs are, let’s discuss why they are an excellent option for homeowners and business owners in San Diego, CA. Here are some of the benefits of installing a mini-split AC unit:

Our Mini-Split AC Installation Procedure


At Progressive Heating & Air, we have a team of experienced technicians in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas, trained to install mini-split ACs quickly and efficiently. Here’s a brief overview of our installation process:

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Don’t let the summer heat get the best of you. Contact our professionals today to schedule a consultation and experience the comfort and energy efficiency of a Mini Split AC unit. We will work closely with you to determine the best unit for your needs and ensure it is installed and working efficiently.

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