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Commercial Air Conditioning


Commercial Air Conditioning is a crucial part of your company’s, and occupants’, well-being. When the air conditioning system stops working on your commercial property, it’s not a mess you should have to deal with. Call us — we will get your business back to operating in cooler temperatures quickly!

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We understand all too well that air conditioning is important to a pleasant working or living environment, happy occupants, employees or residents, and increased production. If your office building, condos, apartments or other commercial property is suffering from an inefficient or incompetent AC, or isn’t operating properly, your businesses don’t have to be affected for long.
Commercial Air Conditioning - Progressive Heating & Air

Give us a call at the first sign your commercial air conditioning isn’t working properly; one of our technicians will be out there in no time to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem fast, so things can go on as they should.

Commercial AC Systems


The type of commercial or industrial property you have will determine your AC’s needs. We offer a wide variety of commercial air conditioning units to fit all types and sizes of properties. We know that each property has different square footage, height, and a number of occupants, and therefore may need slightly different attention than another similar building might.

Our technicians are ready to do an inspection on your property and install the right AC for your building’s specific requirements. We strive to make the smartest and most energy-efficient recommendations for each of our clients. Our suggestions are tailored to work to fit within your budget and make everyone happy with high-quality units at affordable prices.

If your current commercial air conditioning system is in need of repair, we have HVAC technicians trained to service, repair and replace a variety of different AC units. We specialize in large tonnage commercial AC units to better serve all types of properties.

All of our HVAC technicians are highly educated and trained in their respective fields — we keep our staff at the top of their game in the AC industry so that we are able to out-perform and out-service the rest. If you’re looking for a San Diego air conditioning company that will do a great job, work quickly, and always ensure 100% customer satisfaction, you’ve found us!

We even offer free estimates, in writing, on every job we do. We also offer a one-year warranty on all repairs we perform, so you’ll know our work will last. Call now to get a free estimate for your property!

Commercial AC Repair


It doesn’t matter if your property is one smaller building or several large ones; we are able to service nearly all makes and all models of commercial ACs. We pride ourselves in providing our Commercial AC Repair San Diego clients with fast, efficient service. As property owners, we understand the importance of keeping your clients, occupants, and customers happy. We’ll get it repaired correctly, and all of our repairs come with a one-year warranty so you can feel confident your AC system will continue to operate for some time to come.

If you own an apartment or condo building, you don’t have time for your tenants to suffer from air conditioners that aren’t operating correctly. We’ll replace those older, inefficient units for you, so your tenants are satisfied and comfortable.

Commercial Air Conditioning - Progressive Heating & Air

As soon as you, your workers, customers, or tenants notice a problem, whether it’s day or night, give us a call. When you chose us to provide your commercial air conditioning service, you can rest assured that your AC will be repaired or replaced quickly, with the least amount of inconvenience for your customers, and with top-notch service.

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